A healthy body for a healthy mind

WE Sport Fitness Centre


The best sport centre around you find in Altea la Vella and is part of WE Health Club. The beautiful surroundings, large parking area and high standard facilities make this place a special and ideal place to work out. Th High-end Gym has the best equipment, is clean and tidy and offers a safe and tranquil environment for everybody.


You´ll find guidance and a full free instruction when you start your membership. As part of the club, you will feel welcome and at ease and that´s just what you need to keep motivated!


Why do sports?


By keeping active, you wil get and stay fit. An active lifestyle will improve your strength & flexibility, your cardiovascular health & endurance capacity, your self confidence and overall happiness!


Would you like to feel good?   See the possibilities we offer:


  • Free use of the gym
  • Personal training
  • Medical fitness
  • Medical sport classes
  • Mindful Yoga, Pilates, Bodysculpt, Fit & Flexible and more..
  • Sports training


But beside our own sports facilities we support active people in others ways as well:

  • we provide lunch for cycling and hiking groups that pass our club, make sure to reserve up front!
  • we organize active team building days
  • we organize a sport introduction day for club, groups and families.






For more information, please contact us at tel 96 58 47 102



What´s next…


Feel free to come by and have a look at our facilities and meet the team. We offer everyone a free try in the gym as long as you are familiar with the machines or when an instructor is present.  We hope to see you soon..