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Santa Clara Medical Centre


Santa Clara Medical Centre is unlike any other medical centre. It is set in peaceful surroundings, with onsite parking and is wheelchair accesible. Being part of WE Health Club, WE focus not just on sickness but on preventative healthcare, healthy lifestyles, health checks, screening and early detection of problems /diseases. WE pride ourselves on our friendly, helpful, caring approach to all our patients.


To see our partners, please choose for the following categories:


Medical Team   Santa Clara Medical Team

Physiotherapy   Physiotherapeutic Expertise Centre


Diet and weight   Wellbeing & Lifestyle





Need to see a doctor, specialist or nurse?

You need go no further then Santa Clara Medical Centre.


We run daily clinics and have a growing medical team. Should you need special tests such as scans or x-rays, surgery or other services that we do not provide, we will arrange this for you with our partner hospitals in your language.


If you have a health concern and are not sure what you need tot do, you can have a chat with our nurse who will advise you.

If you have specific health requirements during trips to the area we can also make arrangements for you for example kidney dialysis or human immunoglobulin infusion.