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WE Care: Multidisciplinary
health centre
WE Enjoy: Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Live music
WE Stay: (Active) holidays, Health resort, Rehabilitation
WE Sport: (Medical) fitness, Clinics, Personal Training

who are WE?

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WE Health Club provides a meeting place with a healthy twist, in order to enjoy life to the fullest.  WE are a lifestyle and wish to offer you a way towards a long and healthy life by combining different aspects of life that can be of influence on your health and tend to them in a personal and professional way.


We try to make a difference by offering all of this in a high comfort surrounding, where you will find a warm welcome as member of the club.


What do we do?


Care – We combine the services of several Healthcare professionals, in order to get the care you desire or need in one central location. For all different needs and wishes in healthcare, you can contact us. Our policy is that if non of our care professionals can’t help you, we will give you free advise on where you can find the help you need.


Leisure – We offer a relaxing and social environment with live music and nice food in our loungebar and restaurant. Leisure is as important as any in order to enjoy a healthy life. Like our facebook page and stay on top of all special events en special offers.


Wellness – Our club is homebase for several wellness partners. You will find at our premises: Vinny´s Hairsalon / Complexions Aesthetic Clinics / Yogalistic – yoga and holistic therapy´s / Several outstanding Massage and Reiki therapists. Combine the treatments with a sauna visit and your wellness spa day is complete.


Sports – WE Health Club has created a place for individual work out, supervised training or for group exercices. Whether you are training to reach a specific goal in sports, to keep your body young or just for fun.



WE are a lifestyle...




10-go-card for multipurpose and with a discount! 


From now on the 10-go-card can be used for all services of WE Sport, you can attend all different group classes but just as well to use the gym on your own.
One card, Multifunctional. And the best thing is: price has gone down to 80 euro. You only pay 8 euro per class or single use of the gym, as long as you finish the card within 3 months. And that shouldn´t be that difficult, as you can share the card with friends, family or neighbours. Working out is so much  more fun together!



Loosing weight and get Healthy has never been so easy!


We started a new collaboration with Cure4Life, a unique program that will bring you body in balance and back to a healthy weight. This is not a diet!! This a change in lifestyle, based on science and your personal hormonal balance. During this 5 phase program, you will detox, bring your weight back to healthy standards and learn to eat the right way that fits your needs and your specific body. You get to experience a new lifestyle and are introduced to sports in order to keep going when this program is finished.


Change your life now, contact us and ask for a free consult with the Cure4Life program.


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